Friday, August 26, 2011

TMNT #1 in stores now !!!!

Here is a small preview that was available at  SDCC 2011 ashcan comic......

I will take this down if requested by property owners. Tell them what you think visit IDW's forum or tell them in the comment section below.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Comic Reviews 8-25-2011

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

So its finally here issue 1, and we get introduced to a lot of familiar faces Splinter, Leo, Mike, Don, Raph, April, Casey, and Baxter, we also meet a new villain Old Hob. Why the similarities are there this is a completely different path for our turtles.  So far its got the basics all there mutagen, 4 turtles, a rat, and an opening gang fight that just shows you what our turtles are capable of. I cant wait for issue I hope it comes sooner than I realize. I love this series so far. Thank you IDW for not making this a cash grab.

Preview thanks to Tom at IDW

Kick-ass 2

I love this series I just wish it was on a faster release schedule. The Millar Romita Team really knock this book out of the park. It's amazing how everything fits together in this series from cover to cover. The issue begins where the last issue left off a dog playing "fetch" with two balls. After a quick release Kick-ass goes over everything that's makes a person a Real Life Super Hero from humanitarian acts, volunteer work, to just patrolling the streets. Kick-ass and a team of heroes become twelve deep, when a new villain appears and tags the Justice Forever's hheadquarters. "Red Mist is dead. Long Live The M***** F*****."  While trying to recruit the former Hit-Girl , Dave's father is going through his room searching for drugs only to find Kick-ass' gear.

8.5-out-of -10

Batman Inc. 8

Talk about Barbara Gordon taking over an entire world. Oracle's new avatar in the Internet 3.0 is a digitalized version of he Batgirl costume. While Wayne is trying to sell his product someone hacks in the newly invented Internet to play a game, with his fellow investors. Only he wasn't expecting Barbara Gordon the tactical Liberian to also be an online gamer. I loved the Digital Art through out the entire issue Grant Morrison wraps you around another mystery including a character returning from the "dead" Jezebel Jet.


Batman: Gates of Gotham

I love this issue  best one of the mini series, I love when the family comes together and works as one unit. Cass and Damian's interactions were good I expected a little more although maybe in the future. The gold star in this book is Cass and Tim's interaction I miss them being Robin and Batgirl but BlackBat and RedRobin will do. I hope to see more of them in the future. This is the issue were Bruce announces his return to Gotham and Damian is having mixed feelings.


Batman: Arkham City

The game can't come out soon enough. The introduction of Robin makes comes in this issue with a new hair color, but I have to say I really dig the updated suit. Batman discovers the who and Robin digs deeper. The true goal is revealed, but will it happen? The end for now but until the credits role on my ps3 I will never know what happens with Strange's plans.


Batman: The Dark Knight

The Final conclusion to David Finch's vol.1 comes to, the end? Batman learns once again that sometimes the wind blows and the kites fly away and there is nothing he can do. The issue was pretty good but lacked what once started out as a good story.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Catwoman should make you smile...

Most people are familiar with either Julie Newmar or Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. While there have been others these two always come to mind.  Will Anne Hathaway make the cut? It seems with following the release of the photo, the mass media has reported that this is soon-to-be-Catwoman Selina Kyle. Which works for me a small transition adding cowl and whip. While I am not to keen on the "goggles" I was expecting more goggles and less GIJOE and Matrix look. When first announced I said to myself "who is that?" Well I didn't see it then and I don't see it now.  I think she is missing the "cat" like features. This certainly raised my eyebrows but so did Heath's announcement and we all know how that turned out. I will go on record and say that this movie The Dark Knight Rises may have a little Catwoman Begins in it, which I am hoping for. I also am hoping the picture they release is Selina Kyle the soon-to-be-catwoman, and not the final product. I don't hate it but I was expecting something a little more sexy and catty(?).

Catwoman should make you smile and think thing only a villain would ;) I am reserving my official judgement on this until more is released. In Nolan I trust he has earned that from every Bat-Fan, I mean look at how bat-sh!t-crazy we went for The Dark Knight . So Nolan I have this to say: " Please prove these naysayers wrong once again. I was one against Ledger playing the joker and the bat-mobile. Each time while in the theater I opened my mouth an inserted my foot. I tip-my-hat to you. Thank you and may you vision of Batman always be remembered."

A brief remembrance of those that came before Anne Hathaway

Julie Newmar

Eartha Kitt

Lee Meriwether

Michelle Pfeiffer

Maggie Baird

Halle Berry

Anne Hathoway

From The Mind to your screen.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Man of Steel

click to enlarge

I have to say I am a fan of everything but the Hair.  He looks the part but can he become Superman in a way that Christopher Reeves did? If everything goes well WB and DC are sitting on a gold mine come 2013. That year will be a year to remember for Henry Cavill. I am truly excited for this Superman film. Now if we can get Bale and Cavill to share the screen in a Superman/Batman film.

I also did some photo rendering to get a better look

click to enlarge
Upon further examination it appears they dropped the red trunks and looks more of the DCnU's Superman.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captain + America = A Solid Movie

Captain America:The First Avenger

Chris Evans really deserves major credit for this movie. The way he slimmed down then bulked back up for the transformations is incredible, BRAVO, BRAVO!! This movie is easily THE best comic book film this year so far. Red Skull looked amazing in the film and was approached in a realistic way so that the believability isn't stretched too far. I can't believe I really enjoyed this film. Now my Marvel movie verse has expanded with Blade, Incredible Hulk, and Captain America. I was hoping for a Dark Knight rival but I think next year we will get it with Captain America's next movie. The Avengers only to be squished by The Dark Knight Rises.  This is a great time to be a comic book fan. As far as I am concerned I can't see anyone else in the role of the first avenger, Captain America. Also make sure you stay after the credits for a special teaser, an Assembly if you will

This formula seems to really work for Marvel Characters. I wish DC would find a formula for their properties.

All in all Captain America gets an 8-out-of-10

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!

Last night my wife and I went to see Green Lantern and wow! From the opening scene to the end we were hooked, Ryan Reynolds did a sound performance as well as others. It was such an awesome film, it was no Dark Knight by any means but it is definitely one of the summers best film. I cant stop talking about it, but I also don't want to spoil anything. so below here are some of mine and my wife's comments about certain things.

"He was something scary, I would have definitely been afraid."
"I think to an extent that's how parallax works not sure though."

Hell yes cant wait for the sequel.

Blake Lively
get some one in there that can act... please

Hal god damned Jordan .......err I mean Ryan Reynolds
Oh yeah bring on the next few films with him as The Green Lantern

Blake kinda killed all the scenes she was in was a big complaint but everything was enjoyable the graphics to the action and script.

I cant wait for this to come out on DVD/Blu-Ray there is talk of the directors cut which will hopefully be worth the wait.

So far in summer superhero films from best to worst.

All in all this movie is a

From The Mind to your screen

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Batgirl, There can only be one!!!!

Most people think they know my favorite Batgirl, well I think its funny when they tell me who I hate and like. In all honesty I like them all and each for their own reasons. For each Character I will break down the story in a summarized format. We will go from Barbara to Cassandra and then to Stephanie.

Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon daughter of Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon. On one fateful night Barbara is on her way to a costume party dressed up to parody Gotham's Dark Knight and to annoy her father. Once arriving it doesn't take long for her to get in to "trouble." Killer moth shows up and makes a ruckus while Batgirl defends the guest and her father. Taking the fight outside Killer moth gets away and she meets the dynamic duo. Years later after being accepted in to the family, Barbara retires but only to end up getting shot by the Joker. This leaves her no other choice other than to look past the chair and fight crime once again as Oracle. What made this Batgirl special to me is the go get em' attitude, smart; accurate, and willing to do what it takes. She doesn't let people push her around, nor lets them tell her what she can and can't do.

Reference Material: Batgirl Year One, Batgirl Special, The Killing Joke, Batman:Batgirl.

Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva two of the world best assassins. During No Man's Land she was one of Oracles agents, while becoming Barbara's ward in the process. Cassandra was illiterate and could only talk through gestures and movements. She proved herself to Batman when she saved Barbara's father's life, Commissioner Gordon. She was her father's "all in one" when she eight years old she killed a mob boss for her father. Bruce comes across this information of who and what she is through her father David Cain. His plan was to get Bruce to reject her so she would come back to him. Years later she is under deathstroke's influence and turns evil only to prove her loyal ship to Bruce through the outsiders. What made this Batgirl special to me is, she is different everything about her from her genetics to her story. How she acted, her trust issues everything about this Batgirl I loved especially her story. Now she goes by BlackBat and works out of Hong Kong.

Reference Material: No Man's Land, Batgirl, Batgirl Road to Redemption, Red Robin

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown daughter of the clue master. Stephanie Brown is a self made hero, she began her reigns as Spoiler. After stopping her father she continued to push on as a vigilante even after giving her baby up for adoption. Robin (Tim Drake) quit being Robin, so Batman decided to take a new Robin under his wing he chose Stephanie. That didn't last too long she was fired from Robin and was hated by Tim after that. Stephanie now returned as the the spoiler wanted to prove herself by ridding Gotham of crime. She sneaks in to the cave retrieves one of Bruce's battle plans for Gotham and starts it off, by the end she was tortured to near death. Leslie took Stephanie to a small village in Africa, to prove a point to Bruce, violence solves nothing. Upon her returning to Gotham once again as Spoiler she followed Tim around trying to think of a way to tell him she was back. During Batman RIP Bruce left specific instructions with Cassandra Cain to leave Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) the Batgirl mantle. What made this Batgirl special to me is the fact that she is a little of each previous Batgirl plus her own person. She grew up as the daughter of a villain and doesn't let people tell her what to do. This honestly has been one of the most human characters in comics, you see her faults, she sees her faults, and we all see her accomplishments no matter the costume.

Reference Material: Robin, Gotham Underground, War Games, War Crimes, Batgirl vol 2

Barbara Gordon

That's right she is back in cape and cowl and the fan base is still divided. All we have seen is a promo piece and information from the writer that it is Barbara back in costume and she is walking again. I honestly don't like it for a number of reasons but I am willing to give it a chance, as I am a fan of Batgirl. A few reason's I don't like it....
1.) DC shouldn't ruin 2 books to make one.
2.) After going through all she has been through you would think she would progress as a person and hero.
3.) There life changing things happening a bullet through your spine and coming to terms with being paralyzed from the waste down. To being able to walk again, I doubt anyone who truly had this for 20+ years would ever stand up and jump right roof's.
4.) I think Barbara Gordon as a character should get more justice done for the character a slow and perfect restoration to the walking. Considering her leg muscles would be worn down from years in a wheel chair.

Reference Material: Batgirl issue 1 releasing on 9-7-11

From The Mind to your screen

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The New and "Approved" DCU but Is it worth it?

So the DCU staff are making changes to the known universe. Great sounds really exciting for people just hearing about, sounds like a way to bring in new readers to different titles. Renumbering 52 issues back to number 1, wow the first time in history Action Comics, Superman, Batman, and Detective Comics being restarted to number 1. wow very exciting, but is it worth it?  I will speak of what I "know" from DC I read bat-titles, not their team up books (unless it crosses over) just the bat books. Azrael, Batman, Batman and Robin, Batman INC., Batgirl, Detective Comics, and  RedRobin.

Azrael they cancelled due to poor sales but did it have an awesome finish.

Batman will be ending his vol 1 run at issue # 713. Since issue 1 first hit stand back in 1940 that's 71 years of history with this title GONE! Why would DC do that oh wait gimmick, new readers, make history honestly I hope for new readers but couldn't they have just advertise that instead, you know a new era in Batman begins in issue 714 of his iconic title. Nope went straight for issue 1. Lets hope everything pans out for the best.

Batman and Robin now this is a title I loathed when Grant Morison said "We are going to put Batman back at his silver aged feel." NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I screamed then I picked it up and began reading one of the best comic series to date. Short 3 issue arcs telling a combined story or at least for the first 16 issues, now its just very good dynamic stories between Dick and Damian. This Title will stop at issue 26 while I would think this is stupid this is something that has to be done Bruce and Damian finely making an appearance in panel fighting back to back. I just hope two of the world's scowling grumpiest people in the world can work together without stepping on each other's toes. This I am excited for.

Batman INC. now this is a very strange thing not only has DC said it will start with a new issue 1 but it gets the issue one in 2012. Is this relaunch just to catch up new readers while figuring out what sales? Strange piece of information from the relaunch.

Batgirl will end and possibly cease to exist after her final issue, #24. I have honestly became more attached with her than I thought I guess because she was so unique and light from what I normally buy. her book was the Yin to the Yang I purchase. Now with issue 24 on the horizon its like knowing your friend is going to die and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. When Sept. gets here we will have a "new" Batgirl her name is Barbara Gordon, I have nothing against Barbara Gordon as Batgirl or That she has finally made it out of the chair. I do have a problem that its being done as a "current" event, past yeah that's fine have a mini (i.e. Batgirl YearOne I really liked that series.)  Couldn't DC come up with something fresh something new? Oh wait 2 years ago they did her name is Stephanie Brown. Hoping Barbara does half as good as Stephaine.

Detective Comics these last few arcs have been amazing not to mention the above level of hype that has been given to Jock and Snyder on the book. Issue 1 debuted in 1937 staring Slam Bradley 27 issues later Batman would take the reigns now after the 881st issue and 74 years of publication a character that appeared in issue #38 ends The Detective Comic run as Batman, Dick Grayson. Again another title that should not be renumbered, but is, make history DC  before History takes you.

Red Robin the "fanboy" Robin, this is a title I hoped would continue through a long time developing his own cast and become a legacy title to much the like of Batman and Superman. This title is disappearing so that he can get one of the Marvelest Costumes of all of DC. I guess we now know that DC looks up to Marvel.

On a closing note the majority of people I speak with are upset about Barbara just "jumping back in." The renumbering yeah I understand there is a reason to make a big deal about something like this but its another no go. While some of these ideas are really good a few just leave you scratching your head like WTF!? While I am  on the fence about some cough** cough* Batgirl others I am excited for namely Batman and Robin. I rate this business adventure for DC with an 8.5-out-of-10. It would have been higher but I disagree with some costume changes and the alternate ID changing. Dc will pick up new readers at least for 3 months before they go back down.

To answer the question "Is it worth it?" Yes and no, yes it will increase sales (at least for a limited time) and no the destruction and regressive treatments of characters should never fall victim to greed as these are our Gods and Goddess.

Only Time will tell.

From The Mind to your screen